99 Cooking Party!

99 Cooking Party!

99 slay

A player's message for achieving 99 slayer.

Project Destiny has had its fair share of notable players.  

First Players to 99Edit

These players were the first to achieve 99 in each respective skill:

Skill Player


Defence Mod Overlord
Strength Dahmonstah
Hitpoints Mod Overlord
Ranged Captain dcc
Prayer n/a
Magic Efijy
Cooking Dahmonstah
Woodcutting Envy17
Fletching Canada
Fishing Strucker
Firemaking Canada
Crafting n/a
Smithing Dahmonstah
Mining Prg
Herblore n/a
Agility n/a
Thieving n/a
Slayer Mammu
Runecrafting n/a

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