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A rare item is any item which has a fixed quantity and cannot be created or re-obtained by any player.  These items tend to continuously increase in value as more people join the server and some are lost to death, high/low alchemy, and inactivity.  

Rares currently available on the server:

Obtaining a RareEdit

Rare items are generally introduced into the game through holiday events, such as Christmas, Hallowe'en and Easter.  


It is agreed by many players that rares are among the best looking items in the game, and as such are purchased as vanity items. They are also a sign of wealth, as there are a limited quantity in-game and generally sell for large sums of gold. Rare items are a good option for players with excess amounts of gold in the bank, as they will very rarely decrease in value; thus, making them not only a good holder of cash but also a good option for a long term investment, comparable to a stock.

It is common for players to work hard throughout the game with an end goal of obtaining a rare.


Rares are classified by certain attributes.  The three types of rares are Tradeable Rares, Non-Tradeable Rares, Edible Rares.


Edibles are rare items which can be EATEN if proper precautions are not taken before handling them in one's inventory.  These items heal very small amounts of hitpoints and are not a very cost-efficient food to use for training. Pumpkins and Easter eggs are both edible rares.


Rares which can be traded between players are known as 'tradeable rares'. Most of these can be worn on the head and as a result are among the most expensive rare items. Partyhats, Santa Hats and Halloween Masks are all examples of tradeable rares.


The last group of rare items are the untradeable type. These can only be obtained on a specific holiday event and can not be traded from player to player using any method.


  • Two santa hats were released into the game prematurely and fetched massive sums of gold, but neither remain in the economy.
  • A small number of partyhats entered the game before their 'official release'.
  • The first gambling witnessed on the server occurred shortly after the release of partyhats; however, after witnessing the negative effects on the economy, gambling was banned.